5 Fun Team Building Exercises to Energise Your Employees

Many employees dread the idea of team building activities, but they don’t all need to be boring, awkward or cringeworthy and they can actually work wonders! Read our top 5 ideas below for some quick inspiration:

If you’re looking to take your employees out of the office perhaps on a Friday afternoon or during a lunch break then the following two ideas may inspire you:

‘Bristol Locked in A Room’ (Escape Puzzle):
Put your employees to the test and give them the challenge of working together in groups to escape from a choice of 8 differently fun themed rooms in 60 minutes located in Bristol city centre.

Outdoor Obstacle Course:
Take your employers out for the day to a nearby obstacle course, there are several in Bristol including Mojo Active and ChilliSauce. This gives everyone a nice change of scenery and works great on a summers day.

For ideas within the office:

Host a Game Show:
Take inspiration from classic TV favourites such as The Weakest Link and Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Split employees up into teams and try to mix in some questions related to their working environment along with fun general knowledge for the perfect balance.

Group Lunch/Dinner:
Do your employees tend to eat lunch individually while sat at their desk frantically trying to finish their assignments? Allocate one day a week where employees all sit down together and enjoy lunch at the same time. This will instigate conversation and interaction between employees who may not otherwise talk to one another very often.

Truth and Lies:
Sit everyone in a circle facing each other. Have each person come up with two facts about themselves and one lie. The lie should be realistic instead of extravagant. After someone shares, the others must guess which is the lie. This is a great ice breaker game, especially for new employees. It helps to eliminate snap judgements of colleagues, and gives everyone an equal chance to share some facts about themselves.

Team building activities should be something that employees look forward to, we would suggest supplying your colleagues with an activity every 1-2 months to keep spirits high and smiles bright.


Information sourced from Wrike and The Balance