Top Tips on How to Turn Your Temporary Role into A Permanent Position

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Are you currently temping and LOVE you job?
There may be the possibility to turn your temporary position into something more permanent and stable.... read our top tips here:
  • Think of your role as an ongoing interview

Your temporary assignment is an opportunity for the employer to ‘try before they buy’ so go above and beyond to impress them.


  • Make effort to know your colleagues

It’s extremely important to get on with your colleagues and to fit into the already existing team as a bad team dynamic can negatively impact work productivity. Make friends and show those around you how valuable you'd be as a permanent employee.


  • Be reliable

Turning up late, even by just a few minutes will be a red flag warning to your employer – ensure you are always on time, don’t over-run on your lunch breaks and avoid calling in sick.


  • Show interest and get to know the company

Understanding your job role is one thing but go that extra mile and express your interest and knowledge of the company as a whole – this will show your true dedication.


  • Make your intentions known, but don’t be too pushy

If you know the company are recruiting for a permanent employee, then it’s always a good idea to express your interest. Your employer may be blissfully unaware that you would want to stay on longer than your initial temporary booking if you don’t speak up. Find the balance though, don’t be too pushy or overly aggressive when trying to sell yourself. If you are temping via a Recruitment Agency, it might be best to speak to them first and they can approach the situation directly.  


And finally…


  • Word HARD and exceed expectations

Providing a good service is expected but providing an outstanding service will get you noticed. Go above and beyond the expectations of your role.